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18 01 2010
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Having recently graduated from the Australian National University with a B.A. of Design Arts, Majoring in Gold and Silversmithing, I am now looking to undertake a manufacturing jewellery apprenticeship to further my skills within the industry. Below are some images of my work. If you would like to speak with me about anything at all my email is u4292191@anu.edu.au


alternate setting design


Art Deco Exhibition at the NGV

1 09 2008


This winter 2008, the National Gallery of Melbourne will be exhibiting a collection of works from the art deco period ranging from 1910-1939. The exhibition showcases a large array of art and design pieces including pantings, photography, fasion, furniture, film, architecture and…. jewellery. Works by design houses including names such as Cartier and Bulgary are on display to the public with incredible close access. On seeing the exhibition myself i was amazed to see infamous pieces that i have studied in books since i was young. The detail in craftsmanship and design was a beautiful reminder of why myself and others strive to keep the practice of Goldsmithing alive and desired in a world where mass production is so redly available. A beautiful experience.

Open 28 June to 5 October

Open daily 10am-5pm

Open til 9pm Wednesday

Admission fees apply

Generation ‘Design’Space

15 06 2008

It has become incresingly apparent that the common choice of on-line meeting place, for those in the  fashion industry, is MySpace! Young, fresh, new and old designers are creating strong industry links through the profile site, by linking, adding and blogging via designer’s profiles. Spaces such as Yen’s, Russh’s and Nylon’s, have hundreds of friends linked on thier pages with one thing in common, – An Absolute LOVE for all things FASHION DESIGN.

So for all of the ‘hungry -to-meet-new-people’ designers, fashion enthusiasts and funky-cola-vistas out there, here’s your chance. Jump on line and grab some friends, their only a click away!!!!

See the links on this page for all of match-making needs….

Canberra’s Orphan

9 06 2008

Finally the Canberra fashion scene has been acknowledge, all thanks to brand spanking new Canberra Magazine, Orphan. Fantastically witty in it’s analytical commentary of Canberra fashion and culture, Orphan says what many of us have thought but have not yet to put to words. Its first issue, released earlier in the year, was a fresh break for coffee readers around the city. Opposed to the normal flick through BMA or City News, cafe dwellers are now able to galvanize thier minds with something a little snappier, a bit more rude and far more inetelletuclly stimulating. From an artistic perspective, the magazine is a treasure album of juicy images, fonts and lay-outs which are complemented even further by the content of thier article. Look out for Issue Zero and those to follow in cafes, bars, restaurants and funky stores all over town. Check out the link on this page…

Just a little footnote, the editor is deliciously attractive which makes reading this publication an even bigger fresh breath of Canberra air. Enjoy!

More Pics from TURN ME ON Designs!

5 06 2008

I’m officially in love…

I insist, please connect to her link on this page and check out her fantastic range on her My Space page.

Da Font is Da Bomb

2 06 2008

While working on my website i came across this fantastic site, Da Font, where you can download unlimited fonts for free!! Fonts are easily divided up into categories for you to browse through to your hearts content. My fave are the graffiti styles! C the link on this page.

Designers guide dog!

2 06 2008

This great Australian website run by the cute little pup Lee Loo, is a fantastic hub of information for designers, craftspeople and artists to sell their work and buy others!!! The site features designers profiles, an online store, discussion groups and a news page to keep us all up to date on what is hot and what is not. Lee Loo also has a great source of links to put you in touch with all the cool cats who have stuff to put out there. Check it out at http://www.leeloo.com.au